Pack shot photography on the increase

We are now mid July, I can hardly believe it!
I am really heartened to see what appears to be an increase in small business's as Im finding myself having the privilege of photographing for more and more of them.
As people are spending less time in the high street it seems and more time online.
Specialising in product photographs and packshot photography seems to have been the right path for me to take, ever mindful of the huge over heads business's have I really do my best to keep my prices as low and as competitive as possible as well as keeping the final images punchy and high end to ensure the final image looks as good as and if not better than the actual product.
I love photographing products, its always great to see new fashions and the latest gadgets and beautiful items being delivered by couriers and landing on my door step to be photographed for someones e-commerce website.
My photography studio is set up purely for packshots photography and also creative product photography, it makes my life a lot easier, I have various invisible mannequins, product tables and a whole collection of canon lenses to use when working, I will talk about my favorite lens on my next blog.
Meanwhile I hope everyone has had a productive week and a great weekend.