Another glorious week in my product photography studio

Ive got a great week ahead photographing lots of fabulous packshots 
Lots of new products to be sent to me
Mainly fashion but Im not complaining, I love fashion.
Im also waiting for some very interesting wine maps to be sent, they sound intriguing, when Ive photographed them I will share my final images which I will be taking in my product photography studio.

The beauty about being a product photographer is that I am not tied to one place as most of my clients send their products to be photographed to me.
I actually work from two photo studios, my main pack shot studio is in London on a little Island near Kew gardens,  I also have a pretty little product photography studio right by the sea on The magical Isle of Wight, I love it here. Its worked brilliantly in lockdown, the couriers here have been so good, all the products have been arriving on time and nothing lost in the post. 

On well looking forward to another great week, I may even have time to pop to the beach to collect sea glass!