Covid-19 and rethinking e commerce and website product and packshot photography

It seems to have become more important now than ever before to have a strong and positive online presence with many consumers now moving onto on line buying. At this point no of us know if this is our future or will shoppers go back to physical shopping in store shopping, the thinking in the e commerce industries is that we are going to be seeing a shift in peoples spending habits and that they are going to be opting for online buying why after the crisis has gone, web site owners are demanding great imagery it is vital, shoppers like to see what they are buying which is why there will always be a place for a strong product photograph with a pure white back ground without any distractions allowing shoppers to see exactly what they are buying.  

In 15 years experience of working as a product and packshot photographer I have never been so busy, there seems to be a huge boom in e commerce, report that in March 2020 there was a 74% increase in growth compared to the same time in the previous year. This is great news for all product photographers, it is also good news for anyone commissioning a packshots photography company for their photography as the high prices some of the product photography companies are charging there clients will have to level out, whilst keeping their standard of producing beautiful product photography  high, fortunately companies like mine understand this and we find a balance, and make it of paramount importance to keep our high standards but keeping our pricing as cost effective as possible for our clients.

One thing is for sure the brands that provide the ultimate experience for their customers by giving them a pure and straightforward online experience are the ones that are going to win during challenging times.

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