Subscription boxes

I have noticed a real increase in the amount of subscription boxes Ive been asked to photograph. Maybe its because of lockdown, online sales have been going up and so have the demand for subscription boxes which is good news for me as they are keeping me really busy photographing subscription boxes in the studio.

I am now offering various packages for subscription box photography starting at just £40 for your subscription box which includes styling, photography and a high res and low res image of your box and all of its contents. Amongst some of the orders we are receiving we are seeing lots of fresh food boxes, beauty boxes and adult craft boxes and children's craft subscription boxes. 

We offer a monthly price of £40 a month to be paid 6 months in advance, or if you would like to do just a one off then we charge, £50 for photographing the subscription box, just send it over to us included any ideas you may have, we are happy to work something out on pinterest if that works for you and we will do the rest, professional lighting and photography really gives that polished finish to the final image.

The other package we offer is to have your subscription box photographed in our Light Studios studio and then we can take up to 20 images of  a mixture of individual photos, small groups and various angles all for £150.00

Your just send your box to us and we will do the rest, we can introduce different colors as backgrounds, various textures and a variety of props, of if you have props you would like us to use then package it up along with your box and when we are finished with it we will send it back.

Please contact us should you have any questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you, have a brilliant weekend:)

Subscription Box photography