Summer Solstice and summer fashion

More hours today to play outside in your summer dress! 

Ive been doing lots of packshots photography for summer fashion, so many beautiful prints and lovely designs, silks and cotton from all over the world. I just feel a little sad that most of them wont fit me as they are all sample sizes and a perfect fit for my invisible mannequin, I always feel privileged as I get to see whats going to be on trend right at the beginning of the season and this year really has not let me down.
All those hours doing product photography in my e-commerce studio and now Im getting to see all that hard work appearing on instagram, etsy, facebook and all of my clients websites. 

Im often asked if I get bored just having a ghost mannequin as company all day, but to be honest I quite like it, I pop the radio on and either listen to a pod cast or put a story or music on and get into my zone, time passes so quickly. I some times photography clothing flat or hang from a mannequin, we also have days where a I have a team coming into the studio, so a model, stylist, makeup and hair and ofter pr, those days are super busy but because of lock down they seem to be some distant memory, I wonder what the next year brings for us.

One thing for sure though later today Im going to pick up my camera, go to Gurnard Beach and take some sunset photographs, they wont be pack shots and they wont be product shots, just our beautiful nature. Im so lucky to be living on the magical Isle of Wight right now!

Product photographer - Invisible mannequin photo

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