Product and Pack shots

Product photography

Jun 18, 2020
I really think its about time to start a blog!
Ive been thinking about it for such a long time now and not done anything about it, so  15 years experience of product and pack shot photography here goes....
Ive been photographing products now for around 15 years so have plenty of product photography experience behind me.
I create packshots photography and product photography for brands to display their designs to use on all types of platforms such as shopify, wix, squarespace, as well as etsy, amazon, not on the high street to name but a few.
Packshots photography does not need to be expensive, I try and keep my photography prices as modest as possible, and make the whole process is simple as I can. It is a case of you sending your products and we photograph them, we work around a week in advance, although if your job is straight forward and is not too big we can generally turn it around in 24 hours.

I work with all types of companies from startup to huge brands photographing products for their e-commerce websites.
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